Trying to grow your auto repair shop can leave you spinning your tires. Why not let a pro’ take the wheel and drive your profits through the roof?

From the Desk Of Bill Brusard


My name is Bill Brusard and I want to help owners scale their auto shops to 6-figures without using paid advertising.

Over the past thirty years, I've helped overwhelmed shop owners double their profits while spending less time in the shop. The impact my students experience is inspiring. One of my best students in fact, started out with only a single location and was able to scale to more than $250,000/month in sales by using this system to take on a second location. 

The way that I help my students get these results is by teaching them how to turn their business into a “Yes Company”. In an instant gratification society, it’s important now more than ever, to give potential customers some sort of immediate result.

I help shop owners learn how to become a “Yes Company” and hit 6-figure months inside the AutoShop Answer Academy and through one-on-one coaching.

And I’m confident this system can help you, too.


So... Why do I do what I do?

It’s because I love seeing my students gain the freedom to grow their shops successfully without sacrificing precious time with their family.

Starting Out

My love of auto mechanics started early. From the time I was about 18 years old, I knew I wanted to excel in the auto industry. I went to college right out of high school and studied to become a mechanic for Toyota. I was hooked. By the time I was 21, I had become a Master Technician and advanced to the Lexus division. 

To my surprise, I became disinterested in my career. Although I was young, I knew I loved the industry, but felt that there had to be something more fulfilling than being a technician for dealerships. I knew I wanted to open my own shop, I just had no idea how it was going to happen.

First Successes

It was around that time that an old coworker reached out to me about becoming a partner in his shop. It seemed perfect. For about $5,000 I could co-own a shop and leave my job behind me. I eagerly quit my position at Lexus and went to help my partner run his shop. I learned very quickly owning and growing your own shop, wasn’t as simple as it appeared.



Everything seemed great...

until our business almost crashed.

Our business partnership was toxic. While we were able to keep the doors open, I ended up having to buy out my partner after about 3 years and $75k in debt. Still, I was determined to find a way to break through. Unfortunately, I was working 70-80 hours a week and rarely saw my young family. Yet, exhausted and resolved, I leveraged our small family home to buy a 3-bay gas station in hopes expanding would turn everything around.

It still wasn’t the answer to my problems. 

Four years later I was still working 80 hour weeks away from my family and was broke. I just couldn’t make my shop profitable.


The New Direction: Becoming “Yes” Company

Then, I had a chance encounter with the founder of AutoShop Answers, Todd Hayes. I was baffled. How could a man who didn’t even know how to change his own oil, possibly own more than 30 successful auto shops? The answer, he ran his business like a corporation. His mentorship to me was invaluable. 

Almost immediately, I was able to turn my shop around. I added another bay, began advertising and hired staff to handle the flood of customers coming in.

Within eight years, I was able to expand to 8 bays, hire a team of managers, assistant managers and service writers to run the shop. No more 80 hour weeks. No more days away from my family. 

For the first time, my income was almost completely passive and I could explore the opportunity of helping other shop owners gain the freedom they were struggling to find.

Ready To Double Your AutoShop’s Revenue Next Month?


Now, I am one of the most sought after AutoShop growth educators in the country.

I operate shops that are twice as profitable as the average American shop hitting over $150,000/month and by working a third less time in the office. Students are not only hitting 6-figure months, but they are growing and expanding to new locations, without sacrificing time away from their families.

But I haven’t forgotten the drive it took to get to that place.

Because of that, I want to help you double your profits, too.

I want to help you earn the freedom to take a month away from your business (while it makes money.)

I want to help you serve so many happy customers you have to expand your locations.

I even want to help you empower your team to be as invested in your shop as you are.

If you want to double your profits, without spending money on advertising and all while spending less time actually in the shop - you should sign up for our free workshop now.

To Your Success,

Bill Brusard

Wanna Double Your Shops Revenue?

If you want to double your profits, without spending money on advertising and all while spending less time actually in the shop - you should sign up for our free workshop now.

AutoShop Answer is co-owned by Todd Hayes. He's the magic behind the success story you read above.

As the president and founder of a successful, multi-million dollar auto-repair service center, Todd has a unique perspective of the automotive repair and service environment.

Todd provides long-range vision, sets a strategic focus, and spearheads the growth of RepairOne, autoshopanswers.com, advertisininganswers.com, and shopowneranswers.com.

In 1986, Todd founded Mobile Car Care, a chain of auto repair service centers, leading the company through its start-up and expansion, and quickly growing it into one of the most successful of its kind. In 10 years, Mobile Car Care had locations in three major Texas markets, at which time Hayes sold to a partnership formed by Retail & Restaurant Growth Capital, L.P. (RRGC) and Cardinal Investment Co.

Since forming RepairOne in 2002, Todd created his second automotive repair and service center concept accomplishing the growth of his second multi-million dollar company.

Todd was the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Auto Show Special in Houston, Texas, for which he received the coveted Wheel Award from the Detroit Press Club Foundation honoring his journalistic excellence in broadcast media.

Todd is a former journalist for the Houston Chronicle, past President of the Texas Auto Writers Association, creator of Test Drive TV for CBS, United Airlines in-flight automotive program Test Drive and co-founder of the North American Auto Writers newspaper syndication.

Todd is also the recipient of numerous ADDY® awards for excellence in advertising presented by the American Advertising Federation.